Director’s Message

A Welcome Letter From LTC (Retired) Michael D. Randall

I thank you for visiting the Randall Group website and allowing us to share with you our efforts to assist our youth and veterans to help themselves and then, in turn, help others. In viewing the website you will notice that we do not attempt to undertake this momentous enterprise alone, but are collaborating with others who share our strong commitment to inspire others to succeed.

We sincerely believe that regardless of the issues we might be experiencing in life, we have a responsibility and an obligation to do just a little good for youth and veterans who are suffering. There are veterans and children who live in our communities who need just a helping hand to get on their feet and become contributing members of society. Conversely, there are others of us, whose life is not perfect, but are willing and able to give just a dollar and an hour of time to help those in need.

That is really what this website is all about to bring those who are willing to do just a little good in life together with opportunities to help those in need. We have contractual agreements and work closely together with a network of higher effective non-profit organizations that are positively impacting the lives of children and veterans. We are asking you to join us in doing just a little good and inspire our youth and veterans to succeed. It really only takes a little on your part to have a big impact on our youth and veterans. And besides….doing good feels good.

Very sincerely,

LTC (Retired) Michael D. Randall
Executive Director
The Randall Group