Encouragement & Empowerment

Our mentorship programs focus on exposing our youth to positive role models, instilling values of integrity and service, as well as, building positive young people who will be successful students and citizens. We focus a great deal on academics but also provide emotional support.
Mentees are encouraged to speak openly with their mentors and work to build self-efficacy skills.

Faith Leadership Academy

Mentorship, guidance, and support for students at Paul Laurence Dunbar ES

Gladys Randall Scholarship

Sustained support for athletes enrolled full-time at Fayetteville State University

Top Dawg Robotics

STEM partnership and mentoring for young boys via the FIRST Lego League

Fatherhood Initiative

Emphasizing and promoting awareness of the father's role in the family

Veterans Program

Education, mentoring, and companionship for military veterans


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